How can you offer such low pricing for repair?

At CPS we only have fully certified technicians that finds the fault of your PC,  finish the job in very short time and professionally so we can deal with more jobs.

Why would I use you rather than my local PC shop or PC World?

We only employ professional IT Technicians and they are all fully certified. all our staff are technically trained. ( Please beware of local companies has no insurance or employ non certified technicians ). you won't have to queue to speak to the right person, we give free advice over the phone and if we can solve your problem over the phone we do our best to help you so you can save your money.

If you don't want, you don't have to leave your house, we collect your computer and take care of everything with no extra cost

Do you have a shop?

Yes we have a computer repair shop where we also sale computers, laptops and components.

Do you accept cards?

We can only accept card payments in our shop . For onsite repairs, Paypall, cash and cheque only.

Can I buy a custom-built / Brand computer & Components from you?

To order a  custom built / brand PC or Laptop, simply call us on 0800 955 69 68 or complete our Contact Form, telling us what specification you require and the types of task you need the computer to perform. Once we have this information, we’ll send a you a free estimate via e-mail or by post. Alternatively you can visit our shop and see hundreds of PCs and choose what's best for you there and than.

If my PC is not worth repairing, would you trade in and give me discount?

Yes if you machine is not economical to repair we will offer you minimum of £50 or more trading price towards a new machine and we will also offer you free data recovery and migration from your old PC / Laptop to new one and if required we deliver to your house and set it up for you free of charge.

My Laptop screen has faulty / cracked, can you repair it or will I need a new laptop?

Of course your screen can be repaired, and for a fraction of the cost of a new laptop! We'll need more information regarding the make/model of the laptop, and the screen size before we can give you a quote, but a common size laptop screen ( 15.6 ) replacement usually costs around £99.

What happens if I decide I don't want to carry out the repair that you've quoted me ?

In the event that we quote you an estimate price for a repair, and you decide not to go ahead with it as it wouldn't be worthwhile to you. then all you pay is our collection and delivery charge of £19. ( Shop customers no diagnostic fee ) Our engineers will give you a rough estimate on how long the job should take and the costs involved before carrying out any work. We can also offer you trade in.

My Laptop no longer charges when I plug the power cord in?

A common failure on laptops is the DC Power Jack, which is where your charger plugs into on your laptop. We can fit a new DC jack inside your laptop, and we'll then verify that it's all working as it should before returning it back to you. a typical dc jack replacement usually costs £49 + Part ( part cost usually £2.00-£3.00 but some models can have a small power board attached to main board that needs to be replaced and could cost more )

Can you get replacement laptop chargers?

Yes, we can. and at a great price too! the prices for chargers vary greatly between make and model but we're positive you'll be happy with the value of these, many original laptop chargers can be bought at a fraction of the price of the universal chargers that are on the market, and the original will almost always have a better build quality, is guaranteed to work with your laptop and has a much longer life span.

Can you install Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/Power point) after when you've performed an operating system reload?

yes, we can, providing you provide us with your Discs and a valid License we can install these and any other programs you'd like for you, Microsoft office does not come as a part of the windows operating system. if you don't have a valid license then we'll be happy to provide you with one, the prices vary with the different office packages available. or there is always free alternatives compatible with Microsoft office and we are happy to install it free.

Free open source alternative office package called OpenOffice, which we recommend, you can learn more about openoffice, and download it absolutely free at:

Will I lose all my  personal data (documents, music,video,photos and etc.) when you repair my PC?

95% of the time, no.. you will not, however there are some cases where you're data might already be damaged either due to a physical problem with the hard disk itself, or due to a virus or any other system corruption, we recommend that you back up all your important data regularly, we can provide you with software and training on how to back up your documents regularly so you can be sure should the worst happen, you won't have lost your family pictures or any other important documents.

The problem I'm having with my computer isn't described on your website! ( ETC. Mac repair ) Can you give me a Price ?

Yes, If you're experiencing any other issues call us on 0800 955 69 68 and we'll be able to give you an estimated price for your repair.

Can I track the progress of my repair?

Yes, you can call us anytime and enquire about your repair progress.

What about the warranty on repairs?

Our hardware repairs will be guaranteed for 12 months of purchase from any manufacturing defects.
If your PC or laptop fails with the same fault within 12 months, we will repair it for you free of charge. 
Physical damages is not covered under this warranty.

Frequently asked questions
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